Melting Pots ©

A friend told me his wife requested in her will that her ashes were to be spread in the forest.  He and his daughter went to fulfill her wish, but said they found they couldn’t do it “because it felt like we were throwing her away.”

    Melting Pots © can be set outdoors and will melt back to the earth or be carried away by the sea.
Melting Pots © are simple vessels.  The cremated remains and clay are mixed together and the vessel is made, but not fired. It will keep its shape as long as it is kept away from the elements.
melting pots
frog tile
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   Melting Pots © information:

Small (approx. 4” tall*), please send 1 cup of ashes to be added to the clay. - $75.00
Medium (approx. 6” tall*), please send 2 cups of ashes. - $100.00
Large (approx. 8” tall*), please send 3 cups of ashes. - $125.00
*sizes vary due to the individual nature of each piece.

Frog Tile Melting Pots ©:
6” X 6”, please send 1 cup of ashes to be added to the clay, 7 letters (max.) - $100.00

Handling and ground shipping is an additional $10.

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