sculptures as urns

All of the sculptures are hollow. They can be a funerary vessel for you or a loved one.

The artist will place the cremated ash inside the sculpture for you and seal it or you can special order a sculpture with a screw-in portal. This work of art can be enjoyed during your lifetime and later used as your final resting place.

"Life is richest when we realize we are all snowflakes. Each of us is absolutely beautiful and unique. And we are here for a very short time."

Orb pronghorn
Sculptures - $725 to $10,000


Packing and shipping are not reflected in the above prices. A deposit of one half of the total price is required before a commission is started. The balance is due upon completion. Ashes that are not used can be returned or placed in the Artists Rose Garden

I encourage you to contact me with your questions.


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